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High-quality translations in the business, financial and legal field

The language and terminology of the economy and the financial markets is my strength. This is crucial in order to be able to translate a text and to convey its message professionally and accurately. I have been mastering this challenge day by day - for years.

Furthermore, I am conversant with the specificity of the legal language. In this very special area of linguistic intermediation a translator not only builds a bridge between two languages, but also between two national legal systems. A legal concept or term cannot be transposed blindly from one language into another. The specific meaning of this legal concept or term in one legal system may have a different meaning or may even be absent from another legal system. Being a sworn translator for English, French, Spanish and German (mother tongue) I strive to find the best linguistic solution for your legal text.

According to the native language principle I translate from English, French and Spanish exclusively into my German mother tongue. This enables me to guarantee the best quality of technical translations. Only a native speaker has the necessary feel for the subtleties and nuances of his or her mother tongue. Translating into my German mother tongue enables me to produce excellent translations, not only in terms of grammar and spelling, but also in terms of style, tone and content.

Translations of non-technical texts into English, French and Spanish are proofread by one of my experienced mother-tongue colleagues according to the four-eyes-principle.

Certified Translations

Do you need a certified translation of an official document? If so, you have come to the right place.

I am a sworn translator of German, French and Spanish authorised by the President of the German Higher Regional Court of Koblenz (Germany) for judiciary matters in the Land of Rhineland-Palatinate. Furthermore, I am sworn translator of German, English and Spanish authorised by the Supreme Court of Justice of Luxembourg.

These court authorisations allow me to translate and certify a wide variety of official documents, such as articles of association, trade register excerpts, court decisions, statements of claim and other kinds of legal and administrative documents serving official purposes.

Notarial interpreting - simply understand.

You have an appointment at a notary’s office and you would like to understand the content of the notarial deed in your mother tongue? Notarial contracts are written in a very formal, legal language and are even difficult to understand for German native speakers. I will accompany you on your appointment and will make sure, that you understand the content as well as the legal consequences of the notarial deed in your mother tongue, either in English, French or in Spanish.

During the certification, the notary reads out the notarial deed section by section, explains and discusses the content of the document with all parties concerned. Thanks to my background as a legal and sworn translator I am familiar with the legal terminology and will translate for you every text passage, the notary’s explanations and the questions you would like to ask the notary.

Notarial deeds are extensive. Therefore, please send me the notarial deed at least one to two weeks before your appointment. A draft of the notarial deed can be obtained at the notary office.  The price for notarial interpreting is charged per hour or part thereof and also includes the travel time to the appointment. I would be pleased to provide you with a non-binding price offer.

Would you then like a certified translation of your notarial deed? On request, I translate the final document and will certify it with my official stamp and signature.

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